Statue massive wood approx. 1590
Height 70cm
€ 1800-



     Very rare, old and exceptionally hand carved figurine of a conquistador with morion*, maby not full finished .

     heavy red / brown hardwood (2kg) . originating from a Spanish monastery - region Extremadura

     Dramatic age-old cracks on the left - also on the left side crumbled wood-weed careful removed and stabilized

     Completely treated with beeswax to feed the dry wood . aprox 1680

     € 950-

     * A morion is a type of open helmet originally from the Kingdom of Castile (Spain), used from the middle 16th to early 17th centuries, usually

      having a flat brim and a crest from front to back. Its introduction was contemporaneous with the exploration of North, Central and South America.

      Explorers such as Hernando de Soto and Coronado may have supplied them to their foot soldiers in the 1540s.

  Authentic part of a pillar-capital from a church date of 1670
  Saved from destruction, stabilized, restored and gilded

  in its original gloruis state according to the old hand painting  
  technique with real goldpowder and a binding varnish . own atelier
  38 x 20 x 18cm

  € 850-


 Figurines from a "Hortus Conclusus"
 Hortus conclusus is Latin and literally means "enclosed 
 garden". Hand crafted in the Meuse-Rhine area in the early  
 1800's  using wax figures, fine fabric, gold wire and other
 first-rate material.
 Very exeptional . absolute masterpiece
  Very fragile . Size 17 x 24 x 12cm
 High value . price to be agreed.

 Please use the contact page


          Jaguar memorabilia.
         Authentic showroomdisplay of a Jaguar dealer . early 1950
         Plaster statue . restored . strengthened . stabilised and bronzed by hand in his original state . 30x 35cm

         € 225-    included a rare full color folder with 6 iconic Jaguar modells (cover + 6 individual pages) 32 x 45cm

   Brewster Stereoscope

   Victorian antique rosewood adjustable stereoscopic image viewer
   Created and hand made made by the Scotsman David Brewster   
   Company in 1870

   Hand-held device, much admired by Queen Victoria when they were 
   demonstrated at the Great Exhibition of 1851
   Superbe condition . 11 x 18 x 12cm
   € 420-

   Brewster Stereoscope . hand-held device
   Stereo viewer without adjustments
   Mahogany . very good condition . 11 x 17 x 18cm
   € 350-


                            Very rare device to read / project microfilm through an ajustable mirror
                            Manufacturer and year of construction not known
                            Interested parties may make an acceptable offer . Please use the contact page


          Bonaparte memorial china made by J.B. Capellemans - Aime W. Smith & C° Brussels . aprox 1850
          Very good condition . black printing . 7 x 12cm . 2 pieces
          € 55-

Old Venitian Murano glass
hand made aprox. 1880
Five flowers with leaves
Flower stem with typical structure
made by putting the hot glass
in a copper mold
Very fragile
Size between 20 / 30cm
€ 225- . all 5 pîeces

Camiel Annys

 Stained glass (glass in lead).
 Made by glazier Camiel Annys . Brugge   
 in the early 1900's
 Signed 33 x 53cm

 Very good condition
 € 250-

 Stained glass (glass in lead).
 Made by glazier Camiel Annys . Brugge
 in the early 1900's - 40 x 60cm
 Very good condition
 € 195-

 Stained glass (glass in lead).
 Made by glazier  Camiel Annys . Brugge
 in the early 1900's - 43 x 48cm . 2 units
 Very good condition
 € 195- / unit

 Lot purchase 3 units € 640  
 only € 599-

Ceramic ware "Vieux Bruxelles" . Early 1900 (characteristic hole in the bottom)
Very good condition . 15cm . 2 pieces
€ 75-